The Last Grasshopper


Grasshopper portrait 1

The Last Grashopper

It is November the 10th when I walk through the garden pruning some plants when I suddenly hear something.

that slightly resembles the sound of a grasshopper on a summer evening. I love the sound they make but normally that’s reserved for the warmer periods of the year.

Could it be? Could there still be one alive and awake at this time of year?
No time to wait! I grab my camera and look around.


Something moving in the corner of my eye and there on our garden table sits this little grasshopper, basking in the November sun. It looks at me with it’s big eyes, gazes in the distance it seems.

I’m not sure where the little grasshopper went after I took these pictures but I was very thankfull to this last grasshopper of the year to sit this still and let me take this amazing pictures.


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Green-veined-white | Photography | Macro

Green-veined white

Green veined Butterfly

I love spending time in the garden and photographing all sort of flora and fauna that’s buzzing around. However the latter

proves to be quite a challenge some times!Notice how the name does not really match the actual colors, this one is slightly yellow and not really that white at all. It sure is a beauty to look at!

I found this lovely Green-veined white (Pieris napi) not when I was hanging out in the garden looking for something to photograph but when I walked out into the garden on a rainy Sunday morning. So I grabbed my camera as quick as I could, almost spilled the coffee, and ran back to grab a few shots of this awesome little butterfly.


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